better think tank project

Ralf Homann & Manuela Unverdorben


The Better Think Tank Project (BTTP) is an ongoing series of local interventions dealing with the phenomenon of “think tanks” and their networks: Research of their achievements, as well as the reflection of their hidden agenda, focusing on their aesthetic appearances, cultural influence, production of knowledge and economisation of lifeconditions. BTTP’s goal is to be better (for a better world!). The project covers a wide range of media: books, reports, websites, policy memos, video, performance, installation, collage and water color painting. Combining facts and fiction, language, corporate designs and events from existing free-market oriented think tanks with new contents, this becomes the starting point for a better understanding and critique.


IASPIS Stockholm 2007
Capitalist Ball Munich 2009
Pop-Up Experience 2012
Freedom Dinner 2012
POP! PLATZ! PFF...., Luftmuseum Amberg 2012
Liberty Cafe, Glasmoog, Academy of Media Arts Cologne 2013
    Liberty Café at Die beste aller Welten BBK, Cologne, 2013
    Call it Cool Istanbul, Platform Munich 2014

   Photos by Edward Beierle & Olaf Schäfer & BTTP