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The Bundesverband Schleppen&Schleusen – – is a lobby organization for business enterprises specializing in undocumented cross border passenger traffic. was launched in 1988 (initially under the name with the intention to systematically present background information on migrant mobility to the public, and to improve the image of men and women who support undocumented cross border passenger traffic, so-called smugglers, ‘SchlepperInnen’ and ‘Schleuser-Innen’. The association has two major tasks, one is to bring together the interests of its members and to represent those interests in institutions and in the media; the second task is the correction of the authorities’ public information.
We see as a performance platform; to think about migration, to inquire about the symbolic content of fundamental as well as daily developments, in order to draw conclusions for strategies of acting that may intrude in this symbolic system. The focus is on shifting terms and definitions as well as visual representations. We are looking at active shifts; like the one manifest in the reevaluation of the good flight-aide, who is, due to the policies of the new European and global migration management, now deemed to be a criminal smuggler. National authorities deliberately create images; symbols and notions entering the realm of art. Our response as artists is to mind the output of officially approved symbol management and work with it. Obviously, the artistic activity with cross-border issues is immanently interdisciplinary. The capitalist market organization, as part of daily life, serves as our platform; it is a source of material used to draw conclusions and see connections and to provide the aesthetics we can use as a universal code. uses methods as appropriation, over-affirmation, interventions in public space or complex research to question the policies and connotations of images and statement.


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Index ZBO-SdM052004 Subduktive Massnahmen -1500 Jahre Sonderschutz für 50 Kunstwerke



collaborative project: Exhibitions:

2007 Open Studios, IASPIS, Royal Academy, Stockholm, Sweden
2006 Colonialism without Colonies – for example S,F,N,G,L,B,C, Shedhalle Zurich 2006 On the Move – Verkehrskultur II, Westfälischer Kunstverein Munster
2006 ISBN, Kunstraum, Munich
2005 Moving On, Neue Gesellschaft für Bildende Kunst (NGBK), Berlin
2005 Xenopolis, Rathausgalerie, Munich
2004 Go Create Resistance Volume 6, Schauspielhaus Hamburg
2004 transit~wellen:, Radio-Installation, Ortstermine, Munich
2004 Flexibel ist nur der Innenminister, Flexibilität, Kunstverein Wolfsburg
2004 transit~wellen zu Gast im Musterraum, Munich
2004 Brauchen wir wirklich einen neuen Anti-Imperialismus?
2004 Subduktive Maßnahmen, Kirchzarten/Freiburg and Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn 2004 Interventionen gegen Rassismus, Galerie IG Bildende Kunst, Vienna
2004 null staaten kommunikations-guerilla, Galerie Royal, Munich
2003 Brauchen wir wirklich einen neuen Anti-Imperialismus?, Liftarchiv, Munich 2003 Take Off 2, AiR_port 03, Forum Stadtpark and Radio Helsinki, Graz
2002 unterliegt rassistischer Beschränkung Aspektegalerie, Gasteig, Munich
2002 Exchange & Transform (Arbeitstitel), Kunstverein Munich
2002 Lines of Mobility, Kunstverein Nuremberg Albrecht Dürer Gesellschaft